HootModo: Social Media Management

Social Media Management at first glance can seem like a complicated mess of apps and having to copy and paste your posts from one platform to the next. This is especially difficult if you work in the radio industry and you’re trying to do all of this and host your air shift and the same time. Thankfully there is an easier way to get the most of out the time you have to make those posts on social media.

Pagemodo & Hootsuite are social media management platforms that are mostly a one stop shop for managing almost all of your social accounts from one place. These programs let you enter the content you wish to post and select which account it needs to post on all from their home screens. They also offer a free and paid version of their apps so they are an inexpensive way to stay on top of your social media without have to constantly copy and paste the content you wish to share on multiple accounts.

There are of course pros & cons with each system. As Ian Anderson Gray of IAG.me points out Hootsuite helps “you keep track and manage your many social network channels. It can enable you to monitor what people are saying about your brand and help you respond instantly. You can view streams from multiple networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and post updates or reply directly.” It allows you to have a team of people easily work on your social media within the platform. A feature that I really like is that it has a space for draft messages that can store message for you that come in handy when you’re responding to frequently asked questions. Another really important feature is that it lets you schedule posts to send at a later date so your business can be constantly in front of clients without having to be at your computer all hours of the day.

Hootsuite though does have some draw backs including not having the ability to design your facebook page and have custom tabs added to your page. Social Media Trainer Sara Cole says, Pagemodo offers something that Hootsuite does not saying that Pagemodo “provides templates and ideas for content creation. Very helpful. Also, has the ability to enlarge photos for Facebook”. Which can be very helpful if you’re stuck in a rut and just don’t know what to post that day! Ian Anderson Gray also mentions that if you want the ability to add custom short URL’s for the page (something bitly does for free) you’ll have to pay to do that in Hootsuite.

Pagemodo does offer some cool features to their platform like the ability to make custom headers for your Facebook page right from the site. It has a number of different templates that can be used as well that you upload your own content to.

A draw back to Pagemodo is that it is a Facebook only application. If you have a Twitter and or Google+ account, you won’t be able to manage these accounts from the same screen like you would be able to do with Hootsuite and would have to utilize another platform like TweetDeck.

One feature that I would like to see both platforms add is the ability to manage Instagram. If you’re balancing a business and a personal Instagram, it can be time consuming to keep logging in and out of the account on your phone. The Instagram app itself doesn’t have a feature to switch between accounts like Twitter does and it would be a huge help to upload photos via Hootsuite or Pagemodo.

Overall I like both apps and actually have used them both to manage social platforms. It really comes down to your personal preference and how many pages you’re trying to manage. You may need to purchase the upgrades and that can be expensive. But if you find the one that fits your needs it will save you tons of time in the end.


2 thoughts on “HootModo: Social Media Management

  1. Josh,

    Great comparison between the two management platforms! Before this class, I had little to no experience with Twitter, or WordPress, so Hootsuite has been a terrific tool to manage all these different accounts. Pagemodo sounds like an interesting tool, but definitely a restriction with being solely for Facebook. Great job providing hyperlinks, because I never really had an interest in Instagram- but now I will sign up for it since it is right there!


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