Viral Marketing Initiatives

Viral. In my opinion one of the most over used words in marketing yet the one thing everyone is hoping to achieve. Many experts say that you can’t set out to make a viral video its just something that happens based on the reaction of viewers and with that I would definitely agree. Seb Royce, executive creative director at glue Isobar, said in an article with The Guardian“It is very difficult to say ‘I’m going to create a viral’ because a lot of things become viral by accident. When you make going viral an aim, things can go really awry.”

I think one of the most important things in a viral commercial video is that it has to have a bit of shock value or something you didn’t expect to see. One of my favorite examples is the Cardstore ad about the “World’s Toughest Job Interview” for Mothers Day. Already the title grabs your attention and when the man starts laying out the requirements, it sounds like someone would have to be crazy to accept it. Then it hits you like a ton of bricks. The Director of Operations position that they’re applying for? It’s a Mom’s position. Instantly it makes the viewer want to share it and call their own mom. According to the video was shared 1.89 million times.

What makes a video go viral? Well Thales Teixeria of the Harvard Business Review thinks he knows

Important factors to consider according to HBR:
Prominent Branding- It puts off viewers
Use brand pulsing instead

People get bored right away
-Use joy and surprise as a hook

Ads that provide a stable emotional state aren’t effective
-Take the view on an emotional roller coaster

I found this very interesting from

Now how do you get the shares? Well some companies use apps like to track potential customers and find out who their most valuable followers are on twitter. Others use an “unlock to share” plugin that gives you more content if you share a post.

So make them expect the unexpected and think outside the box!


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