Future Implications

Social Media is changing seemingly every single day. Aps and platforms are updating with the latest and greatest feature and as a social media manager, you’re trying to figure out how to incorporate everything into your social strategy to connect with your core audience and grow your business.

If companies are slow to adapt or even worse, don’t adapt at all, it could really hurt their future business if they’re not putting themselves and their products where the consumer is. The idea of the traditional press release is dying according to Rachel Sprung of hubspot.com. She says “Consumers like to read information in a way that is easy to digest, and feels more natural — like news stories and blog posts.”

Rachel also says that a press release may not be a cost effective way of handling your business. Sprung writes “Posting one press release can cost hundreds of dollars, if not over a thousand dollars. Many times they are not picked up by journalists and are simply reposted on other websites. They have become a bit outdated as public relations relies more on building relationships with the media instead of sending out hundreds of emails with press releases to journalists you may not even know.”

Companies need to transition into the blogging world to “keep up with the joneses”. Anthony Carranza of SocialMediaToday.com shared an info-graphic for TheShelf.com that was really telling about where people were going to find information about products and how much they influenced their purchase.

infographic theself

See the complete info-graphic here

As you can see, consumers favored blogs right behind actual retail sites and brand sites when making a purchase decision. If your company isn’t blogging or isn’t doing it frequently enough you could be missing the boat.

With the simplicity of blog sites like word press or even blogs that can be built into existing websites, what’s holding you back?


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